Saturday, November 28, 2009 , 8:51 PM

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Saturday, August 8, 2009 , 11:03 PM

As a lit student, I am going to stop using these words in my writing: (He is) sad, happy, angry. Instead, words like elated, jubilant, exultant, exhilarated, bereaved, sorrow, grief, melancholy, irascible, indignant, incensed, outraged, livid and more are going to flood my wordbank. It is high time to improve my vocabulary. I fear that I may have to drop from H2 lit to H1 if I can't do well by promos. My analysis is just so shallow everytime i write in essays under exam conditions. :X Going to consult Ms Chen next week! I've re-written a paragraph for her to mark already! I am determined to improve.

As a good projectwork member, thou shall continue doing my written report, chapter 4: evaluation of entire project, instead of blogging. no one probably reads it anyway but i blog as and when i feel like it.

(I am going to watch NDP live tmr! going with my cousin and phoebe and priscilla :) haha and i went last year too lol im so blessed heheh!)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009 , 7:20 PM

During CSE lesson today, Mr Ng told us to all get an account on twitter and start twitting about China! He then spent some time twitting for us to see how it works, posting twits like " We are in History Room having CSE lessons". LOL it is quite interesting

Mr Seng (our other CSE teacher says disapprovingly): I thought Twitter is for Twits?

... Then as the lesson progresses, we have to do group work to answer "Reasons for China's economic development".

And another one: "What are the reasons for China's economic development?"

Then he says: I like Twitter

Me: I thought u said Twitter is for twits??
ROFL! ;P Everyone just burst out laughing la hahah

Mr Seng: (says something like this in defence of himself) Well, I have to use twitter to connect with twits like u all (whateva, u're suan-ing us BUT u got urself stuck!!) lol


Friday, July 10, 2009 , 5:35 PM

so many things happened since the last time i blogged. the most important event that happened is that I got water baptised in church on Sunday, 5th July 2009! I Must remember this day because it did not come easy. Cos I was expecting opposition from my 2 aunties, who are against me getting baptised cos they aren't Christians and they are afraid that my uncle will get really angry and make life difficult for me if he finds out. My aunty threatened to tell him, and in fact she did say it once but he didn't hear it. So. And on that sunday, my uncle had to go out all the way to woodlands to do his dentures which cracked ?! So it was very peaceful, not like the warzone my cousin and I were expecting. She came with me, and Amanda & Kai Ying (Thanks for coming, I hope it gave u encouragement in your christian walk), Jane (we finally met up!), Jane's fren Jojo, and more significantly, my brother, his wife Joicelyn and child Jessica came to witness this joyous occasion! Significant because this was the first time my bro stepped into a church! Ok, so when people say they get water baptised, they confess that they believe Jesus is their Saviour and that he died for to pay for our sins and more importantly, ROSE up to heaven. The rise is important because that's how we know that our God is real, he isn't make-believe?!! So during water baptism, when we go down in water, it symbolises like dying to our old sinful self and when we rise up, it means like we are living an a new life in Christ in righteousness. "For God so loved the world that He gave up his one and only son that whoever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16! This is the 1st bible verse I memorised which encapsulates what Christians believe in and the unconditional love that God has! Yay praise the Lord!! I just feel so happy and peaceful after getting water baptised. And now, 5 days on, school has resumed and life is getting busy. But, I still feel the peace of God and make an effort to do quiet time every day.

See that? It says Jesus loves you!

Heh results. Maths 29/78 corresponds to a U grade. BAD. I confess to have no interest in math, the only relevance i can see in my life is +-x/%, that's all. But, it is the easiest subject to ace and I must ace it for promos so I have to work hard, like Chew is, and get that A for PROMO! 2nd paper I got back was Chinese, A, and I hope to maintain it for the A levels at the end of this year! the A Level LC and Oral is coming up this month, on the 20th n 23rd July. 跟我讲华语!I hardly have chances to speak it. I just got back CSE, and suffice to say, I passed, 30/50. Definitely room for improvement but I'm no doubt encouraged by the comment that Mr Ng wrote, "Not bad. got potential" Yea man! For the rest of us, does it serve as a wake up call? I always believed in what my secondary school chinese teacher said, 一份耕耘一份收获; it requires continuous effort to get good grades, I think last minute revision is less than ideal (look at my math :( , so c'mon everyone work hard! :D I'm very optimistic, I believe if we work hard, the results will show. We still have 3 months before promos.
Last but not least, GUITAR! We can't perform for Leo Club's investiture cos practice is suspended! Hais this one we can't do much, except volunteer to be their ushers instead!?! lol. h1n1 getting in the way. So far we haven't had any meeting yet, but soon I hope. I'm very excited! hahaha

Saturday, June 20, 2009 , 9:30 PM

UGH. worst news of the holiday. guides camp is cancelled cos someone fr chung cheng has h1n1. BAH i feel so sad for the sec.3s!!
urgh. *sigh*this feeling of exasperation. yet we cannot do anything. Safety is the most important, no matter what.


STUDY HARD GIRL. 8 days left.

self-discipline. u have it. GO!

strum pluck rock
tj guitar own

is my writing very fragmented? but these are the things running through my mind as i type. OFFTOSTUDY.bye

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hello kai ying, c u soooon! if we dont haf 1 week extended hol, that is !
hello y&J :) im still abit sad. o well. nvm